Sunday, June 27, 2010

I am who I say I am

Hello, I'm 30 years old and I'm starting my first blog. Like my many friends and I who have Facebook and Twitter accounts, I'm going to pretend like I have an audience that follows my every move and cares about my dog's constipation. So humor me.

As the name of this blog suggests: I live in the burbs, like urban gardening, and perhaps most importantly, I love bourbon. Like that double entendre? Burban and Bourbon, get it???? When I looked the word entendre up at to see if I had spelled it right, an add popped up that advertised I might want to look into whether I have Adult ADHD!!! What's that all about? Did that add get triggered because of the word entendre or was it because I look words up? Maybe Google adds somehow knew I had too many windows open.

Anyway, I also like all kinds of beer and just about every sport. Unfortunately I couldn't fit baseball or Indian Pale Ale into the blog name. So Burban Gardener will have to do.

The word "burb" always brings a smile to my face and conjures up memories of the 1989 movie The 'Burbs, starring Tom Hanks. As a farm kid, I watched that movie and thought to myself how crazy it must be to live on top of each other like that and be in one another's business the way those people were.

Little did I know that there was so much truth in that movie. I wouldn't truly know until I moved into the burbs myself and became involved in a neighborhood watch group. The retired folks in my neighborhood still call me to report what they see even though the group doesn't exist anymore. The lesson from neighborhood watch was if you see something suspicious call the police. In my neighborhood the retired people call each other or me instead. Do they expect me to call the police say a guy told a guy who told another guy that he saw a suspicious guy walking around the neighborhood last week?

When it comes down to it I'm really not sure how I became involved in neighborhood watch. While walking my dog one day, I gawked at the police answering a domestic. Another inquisitive neighbor (a retiree) cornered, guilted, and suckered me into founding and heading the whole thing up. I think the conversation actually started out with flattery about how all the young people like me could use technology get other people to do things, like give away their money and help Obama win his presidential election. Now I can't get away from neighborhood watch, even though the group fell apart after my term of office expired.

With all due respect my retired neighbors will do anything for you in the world and are good people. One has taught me a lot about wood working, another a lot about golf. We like to play the generational humor game and when we talk about generational differences to poke fun........its usually the truth.

As you can see I don't expect this blog to be only about urban gardening. I do expect to talk about that topic some, perhaps sharing tidbits I have learned and gaining some knowledge through your comments and interactions as well. However, I also expect to talk about other things such as sports, fine drinks, and other worthy topics such as "Suburbia".

This page is under construction so keep checking back for improvements. If there is really anyone out there following dog is constipated.

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